Shaun Presland

Shaun Presland

When Shaun Presland was invited to take on the role of Executive Chef for the launch of Saké Restaurant & Bar in 2010, the timing was perfect. Having spent years perfecting his craft by learning the fundamentals in Japan, as well as training intensively with world-class Japanese chefs across the globe, he was ready to make an unforgettable mark on the Sydney dining scene.

Combining his classical training – including 7 years dedicated exclusively to sushi – with his knowledge of the Australian diners’ desire for contemporary culinary experiences, Shaun has created an unforgettable menu. The modern Japanese fare includes the signature kingfish jalapeño, sashimi tacos and popcorn shrimp, while also matching the extensive range of Kozaemon Sakés available exclusive to the restaurant. 

Since its launch, diners and critics alike have responded to Saké with great enthusiasm, seeing the success of the restaurants in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne, showcased by the coveted Chefs Hat in Brisbane and Sydney – the praise has been plentiful. Moving forward, diners can look forward to more opportunities to experience the delicate balance of food and saké pairing. With a range of sake styles ranging from floral and fruity to nutty and earthy, appreciating the subtle flavour profile is something the Saké staff are excited to share.

Now with over 20 years experience in Japanese cuisine, Shaun continues to grow and evolve. “Having an idea transferred to a dish, and then being judged daily by guests, is what keeps me going,” Shaun said. “I’m also continually inspired by the team at Saké. Seeing them grow, evolve and create together is amazing.” 

Daisuke Sakai

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Daisuke Sakai joined Saké Restaurant & Bar Brisbane as Executive Chef in August 2014. 

With over 13 years’ experience across Japan and Australia, he brings extensive knowledge of traditional Japanese cuisine. Having designed, developed and executed menus at the renowned Ritz Carlton Osaka for five years, he has catered for functions for up to 800 guests. 

Daisuke Sakai’s impressive intricate detailing in the dishes he creates and his finesse with using chopsticks to create and plate dishes surprises and delights diners who witness him in action. 

Most recently, Chef Sakai worked as Sushi Chef at Saké Restaurant & Bar in Melbourne, and has brought his traditional Japanese techniques and modern flavour interpretations to Sake Restaurant & Bar Brisbane.