Karl Firla

Karl Firla

Raised in the Barossa Valley as the son of a Chef, Karl Firla’s career path was made present to him at a young age.

After completing his apprenticeship at Cibo Ristoronte in Adelaide, Karl began to work with Le Tu Thai at the Bridgewater Mill Restaurant. During this time Bridgewater Mill was regarded as a pioneering restaurant of the country, due to it’s refined fusion of Asian ingredients with French techniques.

By 2004 a move to Sydney was imminent. 

His first role as the Senior Pastry Chef of Marque Restaurant in Surry Hills exemplified the importance of patience and creativity to his skill set. Whilst a move to Est. Restaurant as Sous Chef gave him an opportunity to refine his culinary skills under Peter Doyle, whilst also developing the managerial skills required to run a large kitchen team.

Since becoming Head Chef of Oscillate Wildly, a position he has held since 2009 (owner since 2011), Karl’s ethos for cooking has become transparent through his seasonal degustation menus.

For Karl food and cooking is everything he loves about life – it is vision - you eat with your eyes – it is art. It is process, development, failure and evolution. The kitchen acting as both workshop and playground for this.

Food is made for enjoyment and the process of cooking a joy in its self. From simple to complicated, expensive to inexpensive, for Karl, following the right process with great produce, passion for cooking and food, the outcome is one of fulfillment.