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Christopher Thé

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Christopher Thé is the founder of Black Star Pastry and creator of the Strawberry Watermelon Cake, both of which have achieved world wide fame. 

Born in 1970’s Sydney, Christopher discovered a passion for food and cooking while studying Psychology. He has since dedicated his life to bringing others that same joy he feels through food.   

After apprenticing at Bel Mondo, Chris spent four formative years as pastry chef at Claudes and a year at Quay, defining his philosophy on food: the pursuit of quality. Innovation through the framework of tradition. But most of all, cooking with integrity, meaning and purpose. And of course, bringing joy to the diner. 

In 2008 Christopher opened Black Star Pastry, which has since become a Sydney institution. Black Star Pastry exists to bring others what Chris calls “The Perfect Moment”, that feeling when something tastes so good that time seems to stand still.  

Ten years on and Black Star Pastry is set to become a global brand, with the help of new partner Louis Li. Together they hope to take “The Most Instagrammed Cake in the World” to new heights.