Charlie Vargas

Charlie Vargas


Charlie’s passion and love for food grew as he was brought up in one of the biggest food capitals in the world, New York. Starting out like many other chefs, Charlie began his culinary journey as a dish washer, helping out with food prep where needed, scrubbing vegetables and pots alike. This sparked his lifelong passion and love for the industry.

 From New York, Charlie continued his culinary passage around the world, venturing through many different kitchens, countries and cuisines. The bright-eyed talented chef travelled to Australia in 2010, where he has now found his place in the west coast, helping design, curate and launch the menus of several iconic Western Australian venues like Frasers, Gordon Street Garage and New Normal.

 Charlie uses sustainable, locally sourced ingredients and prides himself on refined techniques to showcase the unique flavours of Western Australia and produce them in a way that is accessible for everyone to enjoy.

 Charlie’s most recent success has been at New Normal Bar and Kitchen in Subiaco, in his position of Head Chef. In his position, Charlie created an anti-waste liquor and larder venue that exclusively used seasonal, fresh produce. The kitchen also focussed on the elimination of waste and introduced a ‘no plastics’ in the kitchen policy. With Charlie at the helm, New Normal was recognised and then prestigiously awarded New Restaurant of the Year 2017 from WA Good Food Guide, awarded one hat from Australia Good Food Guide, ranked 31 for Monocle Dining & Drinking Top 50 globally, ranked 12 for WA Good Food Guide 2018 and helped contribute to the significant reduction of food costs.

 Charlie is nothing if not enthusiastic towards the changing culinary industry and prides himself on being innovative and forward thinking in his dishes, thriving on new challenges and creations. With years of experience under his belt as Head Chef, Charlie has a track record of menu planning, staffing and dietary responsibilities in a variety of restaurants and hospitality environments around the world.

 The renowned Head Chef has a fresh and fun approach in mind for Perth’s beloved old flour mill on Queen Street. In his role at The Flour Factory, we can expect sound, clean cooking techniques, limit waste in the kitchen and truly exciting dishes from locally sourced, in-season produce.