Cheong Liew

Cheong Liew

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Cheong Liew is one of South Australia’s real food heroes.

He initially studied to be an engineer but instead became a chef, restaurateur, teacher and culinary icon.

Cheong moved from Malaysia to Australia in 1969. He received his first critical acclaim for his Adelaide based restaurant Neddy’s. However, he is probably best known for his prestigious restaurant The Grange, which opened in the Adelaide Hilton Hotel in 1995 and closed in 2009.

He was the forefather of fusion cuisine where East meets West, and he was widely recognised for expertly combining Malaysian, Chinese and modern European flavours and techniques.

Cheong has a reputation for creative cuisine – he was among the first to use ingredients such as sea urchin and pigs feet - and his food philosophy is that, “all food tastes better shared”.

Today that sharing happens most often with Cheong’s extensive – and growing – family, working with his children and grandchildren in his home garden or kitchen to create meals together.

Still, he commands reverence from industry and diners alike, thanks to awards such as being named ‘one of the 10 hottest chefs alive’ by American Food and Wine Magazine and being inducted into the World Food Media Awards Hall of Fame.