These dinners are designed to be the quintessential dining experience, created to raise much needed funds to support the Starlight Children’s Foundation.

Five of Australia’s best chefs prepare a course each, matched with the finest wines to present a spectacular five course degustation.



The event was established in Sydney in 1993 when Armando Percuoco held a fundraising dinner at his restaurant, Buon Ricordo. The following year Armando Percuoco, Lucio Galletto, Tetsuya Wakuda and Serge Dansereau created what would become one of Australia’s premier food and wine events.

The dinner became ‘Five Chefs’ when Neil Perry and Janni Kyritsis joined Armando, Tetsuya and Serge for the next 10 years.

Starlight Five Chefs Dinners are held in five cities across Australia and are arguably the greatest food and wine fundraising dinners in Australia.

The Starlight Five Chefs Dinner sets itself apart from other charity dinners because we work hard to have almost every element of the dinner donated. This includes food and wine, the venue, entertainment and every auction item. This ensures nearly every dollar raised goes directly to supporting Starlight Programs.

Tetsuya Wakuda, Serge Dansereau, Neil Perry, Janni Kyritsis and Armando Percuoco - The Original Starlight Five Chefs

Tetsuya Wakuda, Serge Dansereau, Neil Perry, Janni Kyritsis and Armando Percuoco - The Original Starlight Five Chefs



Starlight Five Chefs Dinners have a very long and proud association with some of Australia’s top chefs.

Each of our featured Chefs have supported our events through the creation of individual courses for each event. They also support us through their network of suppliers to provide ingredients for each course free of charge.



Aaron Carr
Adam D'Sylva
Adam Sayles
Adrian Richardson
Adriano Zumbo
Alastair Waddell
Alejandro Cancino
Alessandro Bartesaghi
Alessandro Pavoni
Alla Wolf-Tasker AM
Am Hamilton
Amando Percuoco
Andrew Blake
Andrew Fielke
Andrew McConnell
Andrew Thomas
Anthony Lui
Anthony Musarra
Armando Percuoco
Asher Blackford
Ashleigh Pattison
Ayhan Erkoc
Ben Andrijasevich
Ben Day
Ben O'Donoghue
Benjamin Cooper
Brad Freohlich
Brent Kemble-Beech
Brent Savage
Buon Ricordo
Burch & Purchese
Cameron Jones
Cameron Matthews
Camillo Crugnale
Carl Middleton
Chase Weber
Cheong Liew
Christopher Thé
Clint Nolan
Colin Fassnidge
Craig Napper
Craig Wheate
Daisuke Sakai
Damien Heads
Damien Young
Dan Hong
Dan Hunter
Dany Angove
Darren Hilditch
Darren Purchese
Darren Robertson
Darren Simpson
David Pugh
David Stoddat
David Swain
David Thompson
Dominique Rizzo
Duncan Welgemoed
Emma Mackay
Fabien Streit
Frank Camorra
Gabriel Gate
Gary Mehigan
Geoff Lindsay
George Calombaris
Gillian Hurst
Giovanni Pilu
Greg Malouf
Guillaume Brahimi
Guy Grossi
Guy Jeffreys

Hadleigh Troy
Henrik Iversen
Herb Faust
Ian Burch
Ian Curley
Ismail Tosun
Jack Ingram
Jake Micolson
Jake Nicolson
James Brinklow
James Parry
Jani Kyritsis
Jason Camillo
Jason Peppler
Javier Codina
Jeffrey de Rome
Jenilee Woulfe
Jeremy Strode
Jerome Tremoulet
Jess Ong
Jochen Hesss
Joel Wilkinson
John Maiorana
John Stanfield
Jonathan Barthelmess
Jonathan Ronan
Josh Niland
Josue Lopez
Justin James
Justin North
Karen Martini
Karl Firla
Kate Lamont
Katrina Kanetani
Kelly Delaney
Kevin Pham
Kurt Sampson
Kylie Kwong
Lachlan Colwill
Lauren Eldridge
Laurent Pommey
Lucio Galletto
Luke Mangan
Maggie Beer
Marc Miron
Mark Best
Mark LaBrooy
Mark McNamara
Marshall Orton
Mat Lindsey
Mathieu Astier
Mathieu Baverel
Matt Lonne
Matt Moran
Matt Stone
Maurice Esposito
Michael Lambie
Michael Mousseau
Michelle Forbes
Neil Perry
Nick Bath
Nick French
Nicky Riemer
Nigel Harvey
Pablo Tordseillas
Patrice Falantin
Patrice Palantin
Paul Baker
Paul Gaspa
Paul McGivern
Paul Raynor

Paul Wilson
Peter Dixon
Peter Doyle
Peter Evans
Peter Gilmore
Peter Harris
Peter Haycroft
Peter Manifis
Philippa Sibley-Cook
Philippe Mouchel
Phillip Johnson
Pierrick Boyer
Raymond Capaldi
Rhett Willis
Riccardo Momesso
Rita Macali
Robert Castellani
Robin Wickens
Romain Bapst
Rosie Griffiths
Ross Lusted
Russell Armstrong
Russell Blaike
Ryan Squires
Salvatore Pepe
Sarah Swain
Sarah Turner
Scott Darlow
Scott Pickett
Serge Dansereau
Shane Delia
Shane Watson
Shannon Bennett
Shaun Presland
Sheraton Chef
Shinichi Maeda
Simon Garbutt
Soon Young Kwon
Stefan Herberger
Stefano Manfredi
Stephen Clarke
Steven Lockley
Stuart Oldfield
Teage Ezard
Tetsuya Wakuda
Tim Bourke
Tim Pak Poy
Tobias Gush
Todd Cheavins
Todd Stuart
Todd Stuart & Hans
Tom Jack
Tom Reid
Tony Bilson
Tony Carroll
Tony Hart
Tony Howell
Tony Howell
Tony Kelly
Tony Panetta
Tony Percuoco
Travis Collins
Travis Kerkman
Trent Robson
Troy Rhoades-Brown
Vince Garreffa
Warren Turnbull
Wayne Booth
Will Cowper
Will Studd
Xavier Pique
Zac Ronayne



Since 1988, Starlight has transformed the lives of seriously ill and hospitalised children and their families, throughout Australia.

Based on the World Health Organisation's Social Model of Health, Starlight programs are designed to make children happy and lift their spirits when they need it most, building resilience so they are better able to cope with the challenges serious illness brings.



Captain Starlight’s sole purpose is to bring smiles to sick children by distracting them from their illness and pain using entertainment and engagement.

In the eyes of a child, Captain Starlight is a magical super hero, bringing laughter, games, magic and all kinds of fun activities into their lives. Captain Starlight gives sick kids a break from the burden of their illness.  

Visit www.starlight.org.au to find out more about Starlight.